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I am over 18 years of age
Please confirm your investment activity:
1. I have been a member of a network or syndicate of business angels for the last year
2. I have made two or more investments in unlisted companies in the last two years
3. I have been involved in a professional capacity in private company financing during the past 2 years for small and medium enterprises
4. I am currently, or have been in the last two years, a director of a company with an annual turnover of at least £1m
5. I work, or have worked at an FCA regulated firm, (or equivalent competent authority), for at least one year, in a position which requires the knowledge of the transactions being made available to me
6. I have an investment portfolio (including cash deposits but not including pensions, insurance contract and property) exceeding EUR 500,000
7. I have an annual income in excess of £100,000 individually
8. None of these apply to me